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Improving Business (and the World), One Person at a Time

One of the “secret weapons” for leadership development, productivity, employee engagement, and strategic growth in business today is professional coaching. And one firm that is cutting a swath of innovation and delivering unparalleled excellence in this domain is TurnKey Coaching Solutions. Dedicated to helping others, the partners believe that coaching is the most effective way to help people change their circumstances and reach their goals.

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The Work of Leaders

How can I become a better leader? Learn about the new tool – Work of Leaders – and how to increase leadership effectiveness through best behavioral practices.

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Dreams Come True in Sustainability and Horticulture

“My favorite dream is North Dakota vegetables home cooked on every dinner plate in the state.”

What’s it like to have your dream come true? Ask Holly Rose Mawby. Or one of the many growers helped by the Entrepreneurial Center for Horticulture (ECH).

“Many little girls dream of their wedding day, being a princess or being a mother. Not me. I never once dreamed of a white wedding dress, a fairy tale ball or being Mom to a herd of tow-headed children. By the age of six I was designing secret gardens in shoe box dioramas; by twelve I was planting my own herb and flower gardens; by fourteen my room was so filled with houseplants my mother couldn’t get in the door! That passion continues to grow today. “

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Is Your Business in “Management By Crisis”?

If you recognize your business in the foregoing, you may be comforted by the fact that this is the default operating procedure for many companies. Too many companies. And it’s not because they are “bad” – it’s just that most businesses lack information on how to be proactive. However this is not where you your business to live, because –

P.S. crisis is expensive.

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