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A Failure of Creativity: the Demise of Hostess

Regardless of how you feel about the company and its product line, there are business lessons to be learned here. Once so successful that most every American kid’s lunch box contained their products, they ultimately failed after 82 years of operation.


The answers are a study in what contributes to a successful enterprise. A core feature of the Hostess collapse was a failure of creativity.

7 questions to increase your business’ Creativity Quotient (CQ)!

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Silence is Creative Gold

I have had executives and managers debate me on this point. It goes something like this: “But I get my most creative ideas in interaction with others; talking about the problem, arguing about it”. I understand this; it can be a valuable part of the creative process. However I maintain that it is a different phase of the process; that Creative Energy exists in silence, stillness, reflection and space. While you can stimulate and express creativity by being active, you can only access or tap Creative Energy by “non-activity”

And now, science agrees with me.

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The Creative Gap™

When “right brain” and “left brain” skills — creativity and structure – are applied in the right order and at the right time, we have intentional success. And when we do that, we are not only bridging the “brain gap” effectively; we are utilizing challenge as an essential and creative force in that process. The unique tool that can help us with this is called The Creative Gap™.

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What’s This “Right Brain – Left Brain” Thing?

Would say you tend to be more sequential, logical, analytical?

Or are you typically more nonlinear, intuitive, wholistic and full of ideas?

Generally speaking, most people tend to favor one “side of the brain” or the other.

And in today’s world of business, as in life, we need both “left brain” and “right brain” access and skills in order to be successful, productive and profitable.

Are you challenged to bridge that gap?

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