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A Failure of Creativity: the Demise of Hostess

Regardless of how you feel about the company and its product line, there are business lessons to be learned here. Once so successful that most every American kid’s lunch box contained their products, they ultimately failed after 82 years of operation.


The answers are a study in what contributes to a successful enterprise. A core feature of the Hostess collapse was a failure of creativity.

7 questions to increase your business’ Creativity Quotient (CQ)!

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From Success to Significance

What is your legacy? The lasting impact of your work, what you contribute to the world? Of the uniqueness that is YOU? We often think of legacy as a “towards the end of my life” thing. In fact, we are building our legacy – or our significance – every single day, either by intention or default. This particular Pocket Coach Card invites each of us to be more intentional about it; and to build our significance in the choices we make right now.

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Dreams Come True in Sustainability and Horticulture

“My favorite dream is North Dakota vegetables home cooked on every dinner plate in the state.”

What’s it like to have your dream come true? Ask Holly Rose Mawby. Or one of the many growers helped by the Entrepreneurial Center for Horticulture (ECH).

“Many little girls dream of their wedding day, being a princess or being a mother. Not me. I never once dreamed of a white wedding dress, a fairy tale ball or being Mom to a herd of tow-headed children. By the age of six I was designing secret gardens in shoe box dioramas; by twelve I was planting my own herb and flower gardens; by fourteen my room was so filled with houseplants my mother couldn’t get in the door! That passion continues to grow today. “

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A Woman of Vision in Rural North Dakota: Dr. Maggie

Dr. Maggie has been very successful, doing good works. And as she will tell you, even though she was highly motivated from an early age, it wasn’t always easy! Here is her story:

“By the time I was 16, I knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor. Two weeks after graduation, plans were already underway for opening my practice. It took one month to get everything ready, and once we opened the doors I watched my work slowly grow. Although I loved what I was doing, it felt like a struggle. I couldn’t see how to be the Doctor and the Owner at the same time.”

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