Reducing Stress – Building Awareness – Saving Lives

The research knowledge was expanding quickly at this time. It recognized the role of a healthy lifestyle – diet and exercise, in addition to stress management – as not only treated cardiovascular disease; healthy lifestyle also prevented it.

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Stress and Your Health

Are you familiar with a little thing we call “stress”?

Chances are, you are well acquainted with this phenomenon. But what is it exactly? There is actually “good stress”; however when it comes to health, this is not the concern. It’s “bad stress” — and our response to it — which can lead to problems.

In fact, “bad stress” can kill.

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The Work of Leaders

How can I become a better leader? Learn about the new tool – Work of Leaders – and how to increase leadership effectiveness through best behavioral practices.

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End Procrastination – Create Success

“What is ridiculously do-able?”

When we create an intention, goal or resolution, we tend to look at the whole enchilada. Let’s take the example of exercise. If I’m thinking about the whole BIG DEAL, my inner chatter is probably going something like this:

“. . .gotta get the workout clothes (I look stupid in gym clothes – I don’t even know where to get them)”. . .gotta get the gym membership – what gym should I go to?”. . .gotta get to the gym EVERY day, do the work out, over and over again for 3 hours a day because I MUST loose the weight or I’ll never get into the swimming suit again. . .I hate those machines. . .”

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Dreams Come True in Sustainability and Horticulture

“My favorite dream is North Dakota vegetables home cooked on every dinner plate in the state.”

What’s it like to have your dream come true? Ask Holly Rose Mawby. Or one of the many growers helped by the Entrepreneurial Center for Horticulture (ECH).

“Many little girls dream of their wedding day, being a princess or being a mother. Not me. I never once dreamed of a white wedding dress, a fairy tale ball or being Mom to a herd of tow-headed children. By the age of six I was designing secret gardens in shoe box dioramas; by twelve I was planting my own herb and flower gardens; by fourteen my room was so filled with houseplants my mother couldn’t get in the door! That passion continues to grow today. “

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Appreciation and the Workplace: What’s love got to do with it?

We have a natural human tendency – or habit – of focusing on what is wrong or what feels bad. It seems to draw or even demand our attention. Especially in a hectic workplace. We want to fix what is wrong so we can get on with business.

Yet research shows that appreciation is a huge key to creating success – precisely because it feels good

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A Woman of Vision in Rural North Dakota: Dr. Maggie

Dr. Maggie has been very successful, doing good works. And as she will tell you, even though she was highly motivated from an early age, it wasn’t always easy! Here is her story:

“By the time I was 16, I knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor. Two weeks after graduation, plans were already underway for opening my practice. It took one month to get everything ready, and once we opened the doors I watched my work slowly grow. Although I loved what I was doing, it felt like a struggle. I couldn’t see how to be the Doctor and the Owner at the same time.”

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