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To thine own self be true…Got Integrity​?​

It was nap time in kindergarten and I lay on my mat in the dimmed room, staring at the ceiling. I wasn’t sleeping because I was listening to the quiet sobs of one of my classmates. She was close to me, so I finally decided to risk breaking the cardinal nap rule – no talking – and whispered, “What’s wrong?”. The muffled whisper came back, “I can’t tie my own shoes. I keep trying to learn but I just can’t!” More sobs. I whispered back, “I’ll teach you when nap time is over”.

When the lights came back up, with them came some free time. The two of us sat side by side on the floor. Slowly and repetitively, I demonstrated the process of shoe tying the way I had been taught. “Make the rabbit hole, the rabbit goes down the hole…”. She was really starting to get it when –

“Ann Marie!!”

Oh boy. I knew I was in trouble. I only got called Ann Marie when I was in deep do-do.

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Got Humility?

Leadership lessons from life.

When I was in my 20s, I wandered around India for a few months – the back packing, rail pass kind of thing that was popular at the time.

One day I was walking down the street minding my own business, when a group of young boys – maybe they were 6 to 8 years old – started throwing stones at me and yelling in their language, which of course I didn’t understand. Like most Americans traveling abroad, I didn’t bother to learn the about the native tongues of the country in which I was a guest (a failing I regret to this day). However, I can imagine what these youngsters might have been saying to me and I assumed it was because I am white. It could have been for another reason; however, this is not important to what happened next.

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