I am a recovering. . .executive! I stepped down – in 2005 – from my position as President and CEO at a company I had been with for 16 years. However, if you dial back a couple of decades to the time when I was new to the CEO chair, I realized this was like nothing else I had ever done.  My previous experience in the arts, and as an actress, cultivated a fascination with motivation and human behavior. Observing myself in this new role, it didn’t take me long to figure out that I needed help!

It has been many years since I stepped down from my CEO position. Yet there is something about being in that role that never quite leaves one; or at least has never left me.

And business is not where I started.   My passion, background and training are in the arts.  My first love was the dance; I have been dancing for as long as I can remember.  Theatre and music were also in my portfolio — the study of and play in these art expressions dominated my childhood.

My experience as an actress cultivated a fascination with motivation and human behavior.  I got my B.A. in Psychology.  The dance, of course never far behind, I went on to earn my Master of Science degree in Dance/Movement Therapy (the science, study, art and practice of psychology in movement).  I worked for years in psychiatric hospitals, as well as with children with special needs.

Then in the late 80s – through a series “accidents” – I found myself in the world of business; with zero background / training in this arena. It was an exciting time, as you can imagine!  I found myself learning what I needed, when I needed it and usually on the fly.  Much to my surprise in this process, I found myself drawing on my training and experience in the arts – thus deeply engaging my Creative Energy – in order to absorb these new skills, integrate them and make them real in my work world.

It’s not surprising that I developed a keen interest in how people are in organizations and the workplace: how they are when things are working well; what happens to them when things go wrong; what kind of support people need to do their best.

It wasn’t long after I sat down in the CEO chair that I realized this was like nothing else I had ever done and I needed help.  This led me to hire an executive coach. I was so impressed with the results, that I trained and became a certified corporate business coach.  (Board Certified Coach: Specialty Designation: Executive / Corporate / Business / Leadership)

Eventually, I did step out of my CEO role; in large part because I realized I had something unique to offer to other executives, business people and leaders.  Whatever service is offered at A.K. A Coach and Company, I can see it through your eyes.  I get it; I know what it takes.

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