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January 12, 2012 at 7:32 pm

EASY Action Steps

“What is ridiculously do-able?”

When we create an intention, goal or resolution, we tend to look at the whole enchilada.  Let’s take the example of exercise.  If I’m thinking about the whole BIG DEAL, my inner chatter is probably going something like this:

“. . .gotta get the workout clothes (I look stupid in gym clothes – I don’t even know where to get them)”. . .gotta get the gym membership – what gym should I go to?”. . .gotta get to the gym EVERY day, do the work out, over and over again for 3 hours a day because I MUST loose the weight or I’ll never get into the swimming suit again. . .I hate those machines. . .”

Sound familiar?  No wonder we get overwhelmed and give up!

So here is a tip for success:  break down your goal into easy steps.  And I do mean EASY!  Make these steps ridiculously do-able.

Ask yourself — Hmmm, what feels easy?  Ridiculously do-able?

What is so laughably easy you can’t NOT do it?

Engage this activity!

Activity Overview – you will:

  • Create a few action steps that you could take to help make your intention reality
  • Pick one; then read and feel into it
  • Check in on the procrastination factor
  • Choose another action idea if it doesn’t feel good and ridiculously do-able

Step 1

Take a few moments now to ask yourself the question — Hmmm, what feels easy here?  Ridiculously do-able?   Then write down your ideas.

Example:  in the exercise scenario, this might look like:

  • Make a list of clothes I might want for working out
  • Buy sneakers
  • Look on line for gyms in my area

Step 2

Now review your list and pick the most ridiculously do-able action.   Circle or highlight it.

Step 3

Feel into this action step – see yourself doing it.  Does it feel good and/or make you laugh?  Does it feel “ridiculously do-able”?

Step 4

If yes, then take the action.  If no, then go back to your list and choose another idea until you laugh and say, “Oh yes, I can do that!”

Step 5

Repeat as needed!


Want more tips?

Learn when you want!

“Easy Actions Steps” is one part of a short Audio Now seminar:

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